Metropolitan Technical Career Institute Phlebotomy Certification

Metropolitan offers students an intensive Phlebotomy certification program. This program provides students the theory and clinical skills necessary to perform venipuncture and various blood tests for entry level positions in hospitals, physician offices, and laboratories.
Students will learn medical terminology, infection control, venipuncture equipment and supplies as well as how to perform a venipuncture, the transportation, accessioning and processing of specimens.

Students will be required to have completed a Bloodborne Pathogens course, have current CPR certification, and participate in externship before a Phlebotomy certificate of course completion will be awarded.

Metropolitan is a test site for current / former students to take the national examination for Phlebotomy certification (additional cost to course).

    • Course length: 5 weeks
    • Prerequisites / Requirements:
    • Copy of High school diploma or GED
      Current CPR & Bloodborne Pathogens (HIV / AIDS) certification ($55 each if taken at MTCI)
    • Deposit in non-refundable, however if student is unable to take course they may apply the deposit amount to another MTCI course – within 30 days of payment.

*By clicking below, I acknowledge that this deposit is non refundable but may be applied toward another course if necessary within 30 days*

To register, please submit a non-refundable $100 application fee which will apply to your total balance upon completion of registration.

*additional requirement / expenses:

  • Scrubs (classroom attire)
  • $55 CPR certification – if not current
  • $55 Bloodborne Pathogens – if not current
  • National examination (optional – not required for employment)

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