Veterinary Assistant

MTCI Institute Veterinary Assistant Program

MTCI Institute provides instruction for the Veterinary Assistant program in a professional environment from highly qualified instructors. Visual demonstration and practical skills are learned in both the classroom and in local veterinary clinics.

Veterinary Assistant students receive a strong background of knowledge in animal anatomy & physiology, lab, pharmacology, and surgical assistance in the classroom environment.
Educational preparation in these areas offers the perfect balance of conceptual knowledge and technical skills that will be applied in the clinical externship at local veterinary practices and clinics.
Clinical practice under the supervision of veterinary professionals will supplement the textbook and classroom theory.

  • Course length: 30 weeks + externship
  • Prerequisites:
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Level 2 Background check
  • Cost: Please contact a Student Advisor for Tuition costs – payment plan available

“Please contact a Student Advisor for Tuition information and Payment Plan Options.”

*additional expenses:

  • Scrubs (daily classroom attire)
  • Supplies – details coming soon

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